Living with family

After the earthquake of 2010, a relatively large number of young children came to live in the children’s village. A large group of these children will complete their secondary school this year. This also means that they have to prepare for an independent life outside the children’s village of Heart for Haiti. Many of these children still have family but came to us after the earthquake for financial reasons. With a financial contribution from the foundation it will be possible for many families to take care of themselves again.

“Our social workers are busy investigating which children we can safely return to a family or family. We will continue to follow them as a foundation and also support them financially if they can and want to continue learning”, says Robin.

The foundation’s study fund program is becoming more and more up-to-date and several of the children are motivated and opportunities to continue learning. They would like to start further education in September. Robin is very positive about this: “Better access to education is desperately needed for the largely young population of Haiti. And who can tell, maybe one of our children will play an important role in the development of Haiti as a Christian.”

Below the stories of two young people who have been back with their families for two years. They both visit school at the project and they can be found regularly at the children’s village.

Lensky Pétion: “I like it here”

Lensky Pétion is 18 years old and grew up on the project. He has been living with his father for two years now in a very large neighborhood called Delmas. This is near the project and therefore he can finish his school. He is now in the last class of high school and if he succeeds he can go to a university. “I like living here with my father, life is different than on Bon Repos, but I like it here,” says Lensky.

During the week he goes to school and at the weekend he takes a course in videography and photography. He also helps his father with the household. Here with his family, Lensky has everything he needs. “In addition, I am much more free to move around here than on the project. I like that,” he adds. Lensky has enough dreams for the future: “I would prefer to become a car mechanic, but who knows, I might also be a cameraman and photographer.”

Berlinda Orelien: “I am very happy to live with my family again”

Berlinda Orelien is now 19 years old and she has been back with her family for two years now. She lives on Route de Lillavois with her mother, two sisters and a brother. This is the same street where the project is located and because of this she can still go to the same school. She likes to live with her family. “Some things are of course different, but I also have everything I need here,” says Berlinda. During the week, Berlinda is busy with school and her homework. She also helps with cleaning, cooking and laundry at home. She is motivated to learn and has a clear vision of her future: “I want to become a good nurse so I can help sick people.”

Publication date / last change: 15 Jul 2022