Financial Support

Heart for Haiti is totally dependent on donations from individuals, churches, national and international funds, legacies and donations from schools and shops. Funds given for a specific purpose for 100% devoted to the project. An independent accounting firm conducts an annual audit and annual report can be requested at any time. If you want to give a gift then you can use this make a donation via PayPal.

Child Sponsorship Plan

Child Sponsorship Plan helps children from birth to adulthood by providing housing, meals, a Christian education, medical care and professional training or university. Heart for Haiti facilitates the relationship between the sponsor and the child. Correspondence between the sponsor and the child is encouraged to improve the development of the child, and sponsors are encouraged to pray for “their” child. You will receive a picture of your sponsored child and periodic letters.


The eight pillars of the CSP are: spiritual formation, a healthy diet, a good education, safety, homework assistance, medical care, sports and games, and information.

For $ 40 per month children’s needs are met financially. A small part of your support is reserved for exceptional medical care and research.

Elderly home

Currently, over 40 elderly people reside on the property. They are aware that sponsorships make this possible and are very grateful to have a wonderful home and not have to live on the streets begging for food. They are housed in a separate unit, where they also have their medical needs attended to, e.g. medications, wound dressings, etc. For $25 per month, you can sponsor one of our senior


School sponsorship

GirlSchool sponsorship is for the children who live outside the project whose parents
are not able to pay the minimum school fees. The monthly sponsoring $ 20 per month, which pays for teachers, books, school uniforms and school supplies.

Publication date / last change: 26 Nov 2018