Effective aid projects

As a foundation, we are always looking at where and how we can offer (emergency) aid. We always try to focus on 1 project for a short period of time (about 3 months). Some projects will take longer but basically we focus on small but very effective projects to assist and move the Haitians forward.

Providing help in the South

As a foundation, we have recently been able to contribute to relief efforts in southern Haiti after the earthquake in August 2021. Food parcels have been distributed to the affected people in this area, among other things.

School project Hinche

In the previous newsletter we already told you something about the municipality of Hinche, located in a very poor region in the interior of Haiti. Most of the children who live here do not go to school. To change this, we want to turn the existing building that you see in the photo into a school.

Disability Project

The disabled group still resides on Bon Repos and will remain so for some time to come. The plan to build a new reception center for these people is ready, but its implementation will take some time.

Publication date / last change: 23 Jul 2022