Demonstrations in Haiti

Please note, the above video can be experienced as shocking.

Last week there were large-scale demonstrations in the capital Port au Prince. A large scandal has been announced concerning a large amounts of US dollars
which has disappeared. This money, received from Venezuela in the time of Chávez for rebuilding Haiti, has disappeared and the people are demanding clarification. As far as we known now, this is not yet given. The political situation in Haiti has been unstable for years and politics again plays a major role. The opposition makes use of the situation that has arisen and tries to force the president to resign. They call on the people to strike and demonstrate. Such protests always end in violence and senseless destruction. At least five people were shot dead at the border with the Dominican Republic. There is also a police station put on fire where 3 police officers were burned alive. It is a grim situation and as a foundation we try to get on the road as little as possible.