Danger to Haiti from three sides

In addition to the danger of Covid-19, there is another danger that threatens Haiti, which is hunger. This is already a very big problem in the country. From the possibilities we have as a foundation, we help as much as we can.

Johan Smoorenburg wrote: “The lack of food will cause a lot of unrest. This also puts us in danger in the children’s village because people know that we have food for our children and people. ”

First Covid-19, now the imminent food shortage and then the cyclone season has also started.

Haiti in danger from three sides. More than 3.67 million Haitians have also been in a food crisis due to recent protests and economic uncertainty. Now through Covid-19, this number will most likely rise to over 4.1 million people.

Many farmers in Haiti are faced with the choice of staying at home on the advice of the government or working their land and providing food. Sowing, harvesting, selling food on the market; it is hard work and often families and neighbors work together on the land.

Due to the coronavirus, there is now less seed available on the market, which means that less can be planted. If agricultural production is shut down even further, hunger will soon be a bigger and more deadly problem than Covid-19.

As a foundation, we started a food campaign to tackle hunger. With this we want to support the population of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Publication date / last change: 11 Jul 2020