Christmas food aid campaign 2022

He replied, “Whoever has two sets of undergarments must share with whoever has none, and whoever has food must do the same.”

Luke 3:11

These are difficult times. There is a lot of uncertainty about energy prices and inflation. Yet, in this time towards Christmas, we also want to think about the people who have it even worse. The situation in Haiti is very difficult at the moment and many people are starving. Heart voor Haiti has been standing by in this country for about 40 years to help in times of need and we want to do that now. That is why we are organizing a food parcel campaign to help the poorest in Haiti this Christmas.

The action

Our goal is to distribute at least 300 food parcels among the poorest in Haiti. For 15 euros we can put together 1 food package. The packages will consist of, among other things, rice, beans, corn, cooking oil, meat and/or fish preserves and some hygiene products such as soap and toothpaste. The promotion runs until December 15.

Are you in?

Will you help us get the 300 food packages?
You can transfer your contribution to the account number NL76 INGB 0005 3616 85 in the name of. Heart for Haiti Foundation in Amstelveen and stating ‘Food Packages Campaign’.

You can make a donation by visiting our Dutch donation platform

Thank you for your donation, we really appreciate it!

Publication date / last change: 29 Oct 2022