Children’s village


Projects in Haiti – how we help children



On our children’s village there are three categories of children:
– Children without parents
– Single-parent children
– Needy children.

The children’s village consists of 12 apartments each capable of 10 to 14 children.

Currently we have more than 150 children housed with us. Their day begins at 05:30 with a good shower and come along with prayer and Bible reading. Between 07:00 and 07:30 it’s time for breakfast before going to class.
School is from 07: 30-11: 00. After school, the children returned to the village and there are steps they carry out their duties and housework until 16:00, the hour of recreation. After dinner there is a potential to do sports or to attend a Bible study.

All this to prepare our children for Heart of Haiti to live outside the village itself and to build a life. The Foundation prepares them to become adults in a country where unemployment is around 60%. Because of the education they follow they have special advantages in the labor market.

Publication date / last change: 26 Nov 2015